So I finally got off my lazy ass and picked up where I left off — running some nice cabling for the rack. When I initially moved into the new place, I spent all day and night getting servers racked and power run to each. I spent the time then to neatly tie up the power cords, but ran out of steam and needed my machines up. So, I did what any lazy person would do – use the old cables and let shit fall where it may. Luckily some of the old cables I had already custom cut (to some degree), so they weren’t as messy as others, but still…things were definitely not as sexy as I wanted them to be.

I was bouncing around between TV, pizza, and chatting on IRC so I didn’t get as much done as I had hope, but I did manage to get all of the Cisco gear re-wired and set up nice and tidy. This represents the majority of the network gear. Tonight I plan on finishing off the core switch, and getting some of the server cabling done.

I also spent some time to re-locate the routers to the Cat3550 so that I can free up the Cat2950 for the client machines. I think it will create a nice logical segment, and also make it a bit better (and easier) should I choose to implement the Layer 3 capabilities of the Cat3550.

Oh joy! \o/

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