Memory Issues Fixed?

It’s been a long time since my last update, and since I was able to finally test memory in the VM host machine. I was mainly waiting for time to elapse so that I can determine stability after the results of my investigation. Per the image above, I was able to locate a faulty DIMM… Read More »

The Joys of Cron…

So last night as I was testing new hypervisors out to possibly replace Proxmox, and I got a bit sidetracked. During my adventures in la-la land, I happened to come across files that hadn’t been updating via my Rsync scripts. I double checked the crontab’s, manually ran the scripts, but nothing was throwing any red… Read More »

New Server Setup with Caching!

A while back when re-building my file server I had already bought into the VM (Virtual Machine) craze thats sweeping the IT world. I knew that I couldn’t afford both a dedicated VM server, and a file server both so I had to consolidate the two functions into a single box. This has worked quite… Read More »

Verizon FiOS

I’ve been wanting to write about this for a while, but it always seemed to get pushed back due to more important things. FiOS. Yep, FiOS… from Verizon! Before I get started on that, however, here’s a brief history of my Internet connections. While I grew up with some form of computer in the household… Read More »

Wiring Complete + Power Usage

Wiring has finally been completed…at least for now. There’s still some of it I’m not happy with, but I did not want to prolong the downtime any more than absolutely necessary. Since I decided to re-route power, I also decided I wanted (and needed) to see what kind of power draw the rack had. This… Read More »

Wiring: Phase III (Almost Complete!)

I spent a lot of time the other night, and I think I’ve finally gotten the majority of wiring under control. My goal is the have the type of wire management that not only works, but is drop dead sexy no matter which angle you view it from. I’ve included a few pictures here (including… Read More »

Wiring: Phase II

So I finally got off my lazy ass and picked up where I left off — running some nice cabling for the rack. When I initially moved into the new place, I spent all day and night getting servers racked and power run to each. I spent the time then to neatly tie up the… Read More »

Proxmox Troubles, Part Deux

  So, it happened again this afternoon. The Proxmox based server crashed. This was both a good thing, and a bad thing. Good because the monitoring script I set in place on my gateway machine worked like a charm. I got texts every 5 minutes starting at 2:10pm when the server initially went down as… Read More »

Proxmox Troubles

I’ve yet to post details on my setup to the site as planned, but regardless, the site is half powered by some virtual machines running under Proxmox and half powered by a pair of Dell PowerEdge 1850’s. This post will detail some of that setup, and some of the problems I’m currently experiencing. I currently… Read More »

A site here? Finally? ONOES!!!

Yes, there’s a site here…finally! What will it be? Mostly just random shit and documentation of my networking setup, how I created what I have, why, and more! Maybe… We’ll see! Stay tuned!